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Class rules:

1) 2005 and later Ford Mustang, 2010 and later Chevy Camaro, and 2008 and later Dodge Challenger bodies only; 1/24 or 1/25 scale only.

2) Kit-based or promo bodies only; vac form styrene, R/C, 3D printed or resin bodies are NOT allowed.

3) No cutting of any kind allowed on the bodies other than wheelie bar upright clearance slots in lower rear valance/bumper. Complete opening of rear valance around uprights not allowed. All factory lower body aero skirts, front splitter, and rear valance must be retained and cannot be removed. If the aero items are part of the chassis in the kit used, those items must be cut from the chassis and glued to the finished body. Under side of body may be ground out for lightening purposes only. If the factory rear spoiler is included in the kit used, it must be attached to the body in the stock location. Rear view mirrors and antenna optional.

4) Hood must be the STOCK version as provided in the kit used. Any optional “custom” version hood is NOT legal. No aftermarket resin, vac-formed styrene or 3D printed hoods allowed. Stock hood cannot be cut or otherwise modified from its stock configuration.

5) Coupe/hardtop bodies only. Convertible bodies not allowed.

6) Blackout windows not allowed. Front and rear glass must be the kit supplied stock pieces; factory clear or tinted. No lexan, sheet styrene or vac-formed replacements allowed. Addition of side windows allowed; styrene or lexan.

7) 3D driver interior card mandatory. Clear interior card must be painted. Detailing of driver optional but highly encouraged.

8) Parachutes optional but highly encouraged.

9) Inline chassis only; ball bearings allowed. Wheelie bar length, 5" maximum measured from centerline of rear axle to centerline of wheelie wheel axle.

10) Rear tires: 1.125" (1 1/8") minimum height; 1.1875" (1 3/16") maximum. Width: .400 minimum; .435 maximum. Rim diameter: .625" (5/8") minimum. Plastic, resin, 3D printed or any non metallic rear wheels are NOT allowed.

11) Front wheel/tire: .625" (5/8") minimum; .710 maximum diameter rims. MINIMUM front tire diameter is .970 tall. Plastic, resin or 3D printed allowed for FRONT wheels ONLY and must be painted or chrome plated.

12) Minimum distance width of rear rim/tire: 2.625" (2 5/8") measured from left outer rim edge to right outer rim edge.

13) Phoenix sealed can motor. No modifications. Comm drops and freezing allowed.

14) Minimum weight: 125 grams.

Class will run heads-up on a .400 Pro Tree.



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